Jain Seminars in Sydney for Adults and Children (Genius Mind) from 18th to 24th February 2019

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Jain, international lecturer on Sacred Geometry and Vedic Mathematics is on tour. Teaching both children (Genius Mind 5 to 8 and 9 to 14 year olds) and adults. Come to the introductory 3hr night lecture on the 18th Feb 2019. Get involved with your child's education. www.jain108.com

Jain 108 Mathematics of The Soul, Byron Bay, Sat 17-18th November 2018

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A Sacred Geometry weekend with Jain. MATHEMATICS OF THE SOUL The Art of Number Saturday 17th November (132 page Workbook Included) The Divine Proportion Sunday 18th November (140 page Workbook Included)

Jain Lecture and Workshop at Paradigm Shift Conference, Gold Coast Sept 8-10th 2018

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I am proud to announce that I have been offered to speak again at the upcoming Paradigm Shift Conference, happening September 8th and 9th weekend, with a Day Conference on The True Value of Pi 3.144... on the Monday the 10th September.

Jain 108 Weekend Seminar in Munich, Germany, 14-15th July 2018

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Learn Sacred Geometry with Jain 108 of Oz, his first visit to Germany. 14th to 15th July. 2018 Jain will be teaching in Chartres Cathedral the week before the Germany event on the 1st till 7th July. Topics include the Fibonacci Sequence, Phi Ratio, and the 3-dimensional geometries of the 5 Platonic Solids, the keys to Nature and the atomic structure.

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