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JULY 8th (Introductory Lecture),
July 17th and 18th (weekend seminar)

Jain 108 MatheMagics

Hi Everyone,
My next nightly 3 hour Introductory Lecture
is Thursday 8th JULY at 7pm, at 8 Thorne St, Windsor, BRISBANE
Cost $25
I will give a 50 minute talk on:
The FIBONACCI SEQUENCE: The Living Mathematics of Nature
followed by another 50 minute talk on:
The 5 PLATONIC SOLIDS: Key to all Atomic Structure
followed by another 50 minute talk on:
The ART OF NUMBER: Translating Number Into Art

There will be a half hour tea break intermission in the middle of the event.
To guarantee that the next event is happening, please email me in advance. regarding your attendance
or phone me on either number listed at the end of this email.

This lecture is to promote a Weekend Seminar on the 17th and 18th JULY 2010, from 9.30am to 5pm
Saturday the 17th JULY, 2010:
SEMINAR on The FIBONACCI SEQUENCE: The Living Mathematics of Nature.

Sunday the 18th JULY, 2010:
SEMINAR on The 5 PLATONIC SOLIDS: Key to all Atomic Structure.

Cost per day is $140, includes a 30 page workbook for each day.
Cost for both days is discounted to 2 x $125 = $250
Concession for unemployed is $130 per day.
Registration time is 9.30am and Seminar starts at 10am.
Bring your own lunch and fresh water; tea and biscuits supplied

Regards Jain 108

Some of the Topics that will be covered in the Day Seminar for The FIBONACCI SEQUENCE
Topics covered include:

•    Theory on the Fibonacci Sequence
•    Mathematics of the Pine Cone 8:13 Code
•    Mathematics of the Sunflower 21:34 Code
•    Worksheet: Converting the Fibonacci Sequence into the Phi Wave
•    Phi in the Human Anatomy
•    Phi in DNA
•    Phi in Architecture and the Pyramid of Gizeh
•    Fib Sequence as the 1st Dimension, then converted to a flat nautilus, shell spiral in 2nd Dimension, then shown in the 3rd Dimension as Ram’s Horn and finally viewed as  a Toroidal Domain in the 4th Dimension
•    Worksheet: How to Find the Phi Ratio of a given line AB, using a compass and straight edge only
•    Worksheet: How to construct the Phi Spiral Nautilus Shell
•    Phi Generated from the Pentacle Harmonics
•    EarthHeart Meditation

Some of the Topics that will be covered in the Day Seminar for
SEMINAR on The 5 PLATONIC SOLIDS: Key to all Atomic Structure.

Topics covered include:
* Definition of the 5 Platonic Solids: Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Icosahedron and Dodecahedron.
* Leadbeater and Besant, Clairvoyant Occult Chemists 100 years ago.
* The five regular platonic solids as found in the skeletons of radiolaria, a species of plankton.
* Infinite Series of the nesting Icosahedron (20 Triangles) and the Dodecahedron (12 Pentagonal Faces).
* The Star Tetrahedron (aka Stella Octangula) represents our 8 ORIGINAL CELLS, and the atomic structure of Silicon Chip Molecule.
* Metatron’s Cube: 4th Dimensional Cube or Cube Within Cube, definition of “Fractal” When the Inside is the same as the Outside!
* Planetary Grid based on the 1:1.618033 proportions of the Dodecahedron
* The Shri Yantra, instead of being viewed in 2-D as 9 interlacing triangles, can be seen as 9 interpenetrating pyramids, forming the spectral emissions of hydrogen atom! With all lines resolved to powers of the phi ratio 1:1.618033
* Relationship between the Cube and the Dodecahedron showing the critical 32 degree tilt angles.
* The Tetrahedron in the Cube and Soap Film in Cube.
* Pythagoras’ “Tetraktys”
* The Spherical Form of the Cubocatahedron
Only 12 Spheres can pack around a central Sphere. Base 12.
* Kepler’s 5 Platonic Solids nesting as one form and portraying planetary orbits. Also known as the Lesser Maze by the Theosophical Society group.

Jain 108 MatheMagics
Root Phi Golden Right Angled Triangle showing the internal Phi Harmonics inside the Great Pyramid in Egypt.
‘h’=Height =Root Phi = 1.272
Apothem ‘b’=1 unit and
‘a’=Slope Height = Phi = 1.618033…

Jain 108 MatheMagics
(The diagram above is the: Prime Number Cross, demonstrating that there is symmetry in the Prime Number Sequence, misguidedly taught at school and universities that there is no symmetry or patterning. The key to revealing this Pattern is based on the Wheel of 24, the same concept that reveals the 24 Repeating Pattern in the Digitally Compressed Fibonacci Sequence, and whose sum of 24 digits sum to the mystical number 108).

Jain 108 MatheMagics