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Community Call Thurs. February 15 at 1pm PST
Discover the sacred geometry of your origins!

Curious about Sacred Geometry and the New Chartres Academy’s Symposium, Geometrica: the Architecture of the Universe, July 1-7?
Join our upcoming community video call and watch renowned mathemagician, Jain 108 present the mystery of “The 12 Around The One.”
Jain will share a compelling powerpoint called “Cosmo-Genesis” and the sacred geometry of the first seconds and hours of our conception based on the Cuboctahedron – 1 of 13 Archimedean Solids formed from internally joining the 12 Centers of 12 circumscribing spheres.
Learn about the incredible work of Derald Langham (1913-1991) who identified that the one shape or etheric grid that exists around all living things at the moment of conception – in both the plant world and human world – is the 12 Spheres Around The Central Sphere. Buckminster Fuller called this most stable shape the “Vector Equilibrium,” or Jitterbug.
This July, in Chartres we will build the magical Cubocta, the most balanced shape in the universe, and learn how this semi-regular solid can shape-shift under compression and form the 5 Platonic Solids!
Looking forward to seeing you in our call on February 15, at 1:00 pm PST with Jain 108 and the New Chartres Academy faculty.
MARK YOUR CALENDAR for the next Chartres Community Calls: 3/22, 4/12, 5/22
Jain 108 Lecture on Sacred Geometry, Zoom Conference, Community Call Thurs. February 15 at 1pm PST