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“The Mathematical Origin of Sri 108”
By Jain 108,


KEY WORDS: C=9, 24, 108, 3,456,  Bharati Krishna Tirthaji, Book Of Phi vol 4, Digital Compression, Fibonacci Sequence, Gayatri Mantra, Harmonics, Hyderabad, Krishna, Kranti Kiran, Pentacle)

In this brief abstract, I will give some notes on how the Sacred Number 108 is mathematically derived by understanding:
1- The Living Mathematics of Nature, as represented by Phi or the Golden Ratio 1:1.618…how it is derived from the Digital Compression of the Fibonacci Sequence: 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89-144-etc
2- The Harmonics of the 5-pointed star or Pentagram which is completely based on this Golden or Divine Proportion.
3- Digital Compression, based on one of the 16 mathematical Sutras given to us by my teacher Jagadguru BKT or Bharati Krishna Tirthaji (1884-1960) who revealed the importance of the Sutra called “Digit Sums” which in the west is known as Digital Roots, Digital Reduction, Digital Compression based on the “Continued Subtraction of 9” which reveals the hidden symmetry of the Star Language of Mathematics.
4- I will give a brief outline how I revealed this same information, how Sri 108 is derived from the Infinitely Repeating 24 Pattern, based on Digit Sums, whose 24 digits sums to 108…. At a conference in Hyderabad that I gave to 200 of India’s top mathematicians in 2005, via my friend and scholar Kranti Kiran, known as the “Walking Computer” of India.
5- How I received this name of “Jain 108” after this Hyderabad conference is fully explained in my website blog (article) and vlog) called:
“How I Got My Name Jain 108” https://www.jain108.com/how-i-got-my-name-jain-108/

The subject of my lecture would be:
To give you more of an idea of who I am and how I teach, I recently published on my website (www.jain108.com) and on facebook I have 275,000 followers (/jainmathemagics) and on instagram, I have 75,000 followers (@108.com)
I have a list of major Jain Discoveries on: https://www.jain108.com/discoveries/
On this page of my Discoveries, you may want to read about:
Harmonic 3456 in the Hare Krishna Mantra, here is the link:

My lecture is based on: The Book Of Phi, Volume 4 (of a 9 volume set)
sub-titled: The 108 Codes: The Linear Phi Code 1, self- published 2010.
The main part of this 200 page book on Sri 108 is Chapter 1 that contains 50 pages  on:
Chapter 1: Why 108?
Part 1: 108 in Mathematics and Geometry.
Part 2: 108 in Eastern and Western Religions: a)- Hindu, b)- Gayatri Mantra, c)- Jain Religion, d)- Buddhist, e)- Other Sects, f)- Middle East, g)- Christian.
Part 3: 108 in Astrology (Hindu and Western)
Part 4: 108 in Martial Arts, Literature and Other Fields.

Just so you know my story, I live in Australia, am full-blood Lebanese, but my Soul is Indian. I continue to research this ancient and lost knowledge from Bharat.
I have spent my whole life studying and teaching Indian Mathematics in Australia and around the world.
I created the first dvd in the world on Vedic Mathematics in 2001 (speed maths based on Shakuntala Devi’s and Bharati Krishna Tirthaji’s works) and introduced it into America during 3 visits after 2005, initiating millions of people around the world to be learning and gaining the benefits of Vedic Mathematics aka Speed Maths.

This Keynote Powerpoint Lecture, composed of 166 slides, is available via email attachment:
[email protected]

Jain’s Lecture at Tijara, International Jainism Conference, 3rd-4th November 2019

I am giving a .keynote Lecture (powerpoint presentation) explaining the Mathematical Derivation or Origin of why the Number 108 is sacred.

Here are the CONTENTS of  “Why Sri 108?”. Based on 160 slides or pages, it will be available as in ebook format soon in January 2020.

This also is my long article and abstract that I am submitting to the University fo India. From this, I expect to be invited regularly to other Conferences to be held in India as these discoveries are a tribute to an ancient culture where the knowledge got lost.

☆ Sri 108 based on the Fibonacci Sequence   


☆ Sri 108 based on the Magic Square of 6×6 which creates the  Swaztika

☆ Sri 108 based link to Harmonic 111: the Magic Constant of the Sun Square

☆ Sri 108 and its Connection to the Number 24 eg: Time Codes + Gayatri Mantra
☆ Sri 108 as the Living Mathematics of Nature: The Divine Phi Proportion

☆ Vedic Sutra: “Digit Sums” or Digital Compression or Continued Subtraction from 9 reveals the
       Infinitely Repeating 24 Code that sums to 108+9:

       1   1   2   3   5   8   4   3   7   1   8   9   8   8   7   6   4   1   5   6   2   8   1   9

☆ Sri 108 based link to Harmonic 369 and the Unicursal Hexagram 

☆ Jain’s published Compendium or Encylopedia of all references to Sri 108

☆ De-Hiterizing the modern day Swaztika and restoring its Original Meaning and Power.

☆ How is Sri 108 Linked to the Harmonics of the Circle ?

☆ Sri 108 and the Pythagorean Triples (108, 144, 180) and (216, 288, 360)

☆ Sri 108 as 5th-Dimensional Nesting Tori:  1-dim = Fibonacci Sequence, 2-dim = flat Phi Spiral, 

       3-dim = Ram’s Horn, 4-dim = Infinity Symbol Cross-Sectional slice of Torus, and 

       5-dim = Embedded or Nesting Tori aka The Torus within The Torus an Infinite Geometric Pathway

☆ The Swaztika appears in many ancient cultures. A Universal Symbol of Peace

☆ The 3 Phi Codes that Sum to 108+9 when aligned, one under the other,

       Reveal the Symmetry of 111 and 888. The 3 Phi Codes represent Harmonic 666

☆ Jain’s 13 books on Sri 108, the Divine Proportion and the Fibonacci Sequence

Sri 108 is linked to Magic Square Constant of 111.

Sri 108 is also linked to Harmonic 369 adored by Tesla.