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Jain 2hr Lecture @ the Cosmic Intelligence Agency Retreat, Uki, NSW

Cosmic Intelligence Agency Retreat
Gymea Eco Retreat Uki NSW
 Join the CIA for the full 4 days, from the 11th to the 15th October
or 1 day pass available for Sunday, the day of Jain’s Presentation.
Bookings are Essential, contact Julia 0417988512

Guest Speaker for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency Retreat in Uki NSW, Jain 108 will be giving a fascinating 2 hour lecture on the …
Intersection of Sacred Geometry and AstrologyDivided into 2 lots of 1 hour powerpoint presentations, you will learn about
1 – The Divine Phi Proportion, the Venus Orbit, and the significance of the Golden Angle (137.5degrees)
2 – The Zodiac and its relationship to the Dodecahedron
3 – Cosmo-Genesis and the Sacred Geometry of the shape-shifting Cuboctahedron, the 12 Around The One.
4 – Magic Squares and how they are attributed to the Planets
5 – The Hermetic origin of the 7 day week.