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Jain:  Key note speaker at the Utopia Conference 16-18th October, 2009 Noosaville, QUEENSLAND
I am happy to announce that I am a keynote speaker at the upcoming UTOPIA CONFERENCE in Noosaville, south east Queensland from the 16-18th October, 2009.
My main presentation is a 2 and half hour seminar on the EarthHeart Meditation based on the principles of Nature that are mathematically described by the Fibonacci Numbers: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 etc. My other presentation is called “Mathematics Of The Soul” which is a brief prelude to my main talk.

Have a look at the conference’s home page: http://www.utopia-retreat.com which is organized by two special teachers: Simone Matthews and Susan Coombes who are also both presenting.
There’s a great line up of other presenters like Chris James and Chris Hooper…

Jain is an inspirational international lecturer of Sacred Geometry and Vedic Mathematics – a 2,500 year old Indian system of Mental Arithmetic. Author of 8 DVDs and 12 books, his work is admired around the world for its enlightening understandings of creation. His passion is to infuse children and adults with the Joy and Beauty of Numbers, and instill a reverence for the ancient hidden mysteries of our universe and the living mathematics of nature.

Day 2: Key Note Presentation – Mathematics of the Soul
Day 3: Workshop – Earth-Heart Meditation: Living Mathematics of Nature

Day 2– 17th October 2009
9.30 – 10.00 am

Jain 108   “Mathematics of the Soul

Many cultures have had a fascination for the Divine Proportion – Sacred Cut, Golden Mean, Sectio Aurealis.  From the realms of nature to sacred architecture, the reason why we are so awe-struck when beholding the beauty of all creation is that it mirrors our own beauty, it is all a reflection of our own human bio-architecture.  We are the living temple of creation !

You will leave this presentation enlightened, as Jain marries the ultimate feminine symbol of the fibonacci spiral with the ultimate male symbol of the Tetrahedron pyramid, and shows that when a light or a laser beam is shone upon this 3-D construct, its transduction to 2-D shadows is a written script or Language of Light that shows the origin of our Alpha Beta or English Language, the ‘Angles of the Angels’!

Day 3– 18th  October 2009
I also am running a 2 and half hour seminar at:
2.30 – 5.00 pm

Title of Jain’s Workshop Session:

Jain 108 – Earth-Heart:
Living Mathematics of Nature

Centre yourSelf via a One Breath Heart Based Mediation based on the Living Mathematics Of Nature.

The EarthHeart Meditation is the ability to breathe into our Heart Centre, by visualizing that you are standing inside a giant doughnut-like toroidal field. As we breathe slowly into our Heart and breathe out, we are extending our auric field to encompass the room, the city, the planet.

The secret of the EarthHeart Meditation is the unification of opposites based on the Counter-Rotating Fields as seen in nature and visible in the pine cone 8:13 code and the sunflower code of 21:34. The ancient science of counter-rotating fields is stored in our DNA since the Helix itself is based on 2 opposing spirals that store all biological memory and knows intelligently how to replicate itself.

The EarthHeart Meditation is a unification of Heaven and Earth –  when we breathe into our Heart, there is a meeting of the Celestial or the Above with the Terrestrial or the Below.

Jain 108 MatheMagics

Full Ticket Price for attending the 3 days:  $750
(The Early Bird Specials have just expired, so only full payments are available to ensure your place at this Conference.

Australis Noosa Lakes Resort & Convention Centre

Utopia is being hosted at Australis Noosa Lakes Resort and Convention Centre.

Here you will luxuriate in the beautiful environment of this resort which is situated on the shores of tranquil Lake Doonella, and is adjoined by a wetlands reserve teeming with abundant bird life. The western aspect of Lake Doonella boasts the perfect ‘Noosa’ sunset.

Just metres from the Resort is the Noosa Harbour Marina built on the Noosa River. You will find cafés, restaurants, galleries, shopping and water activities including the river ferry pick-up point, taking you to various down river stop-offs including the famous Hastings Street in Noosa – a mecca for world class restaurants and shopping.

Australis Noosa Lakes is only a few minutes drive from the cafes and restaurants of Noosaville or a few minutes further on to Noosa Heads, Noosa National Park, beautiful beaches, and much more to explore. You may enjoy additional days to really take in the many attractions of this very special area.

As a Utopia 2009 delegate, you are able to use the resorts facilities throughout the Retreat – 3 swimming pools (one heated), internet stations at reception (webcam and printer),  BBQ facilities and complimentary onsite parking – even if you are not a guest at the Resort.


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