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For SINGAPORE Seminar Dates in November, 2016:
Jain 108 MatheMagics
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 Jain 108 MatheMagics

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Jain 108 MatheMagics
Singapore Promotional Flyer 1 (Marina Sands)
Jain 108 MatheMagics
Singapore Promotional Flyer 2 (The Beautiful Bay Gardens)

All students will be learning the essential components of Sacred Geometry:
The Divine Phi Proportion and the Universal Language of Pattern Recognition as seen in the 3-Dimensional Geometries.
Jain teaches that the 5 Platonic Solids, as seen in the visible world of Nature, and in the Invisible world of Crystals and Flowers, is part of Memory of Who We Are, and Where We came from? and that all the cells in our bodies are composed of these timeless geometries.
Jain is shown here embedded in a particular shape or frequency,
a message that all Knowledge is within us, as taught by Pythagoras 2,500 years ago,
and how we access this is part of the teachings, with disciplined Knowledge-based learning,
with the eating of the right foods for your constitution,

and the important though secret arts of Meditation.
Add “Passion” to this, which is the zest to learn,
and you have a recipe for tuning into the Akashic Records where all Memory is stored..

Jain 108 MatheMagics