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TERM 4 CLASSES in Mullumbimby
OCT – NOVEMBER    2015  :




 Come to the Free Introductory Lecture

on these Courses, for interested Parents and friends:



Sacred Geometry

Thursday, the 1st OCTOBER,    7-9.00 pm

at The Living Yoga Sanga


6 Week Certificate Course on Sacred Geometry and Vedic Maths

October-November 2015

Due to high demand for extra-curricular, private home lessons on Sacred Geometry, I will be giving public classes in Mullumbimby town, at the Living Yoga Sangha (above the Newsagency) for Term 4 this year, for 2015.
I will be running a 6 week Certificate Accredited Course.
Lessons will be filmed.
I will be focussing on the ART OF NUMBER for all classes,

all of which are very important topics for the budding genius.

Jain is an international lecturer on Sacred Geometry and Vedic Mathematics.
He has also taught thousands of children all over Australia and overseas
in his program called “Mathemagics” that teaches the translation of Number Sequences into Atomic Art.

Jain 108’s 21st Century Curriculum:

invites You and  Your Child to:
~Translate Numbers Into Art.

~ A new Steinerism developed by Jain 108 that shows the
mathematical origins of our sacred symbols based on
the Phi Spiral, Ram’s Horn, Torus, Pentagon and
Fibonacci Sequence: 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89-144…

~ Atomic Art of Rutile and Platinum Crystal revealed in the
Digital Compression of the common Times Table;
~ Atomic Art of Diamond revealed in the tessellation of the
Sino-Tibetan Lo-Shu aka Magic Square of 3×3.
~ Discover the hidden pattern in the Binary Sequence


and how the Wheel of 24 exposes
the Maltese Cross in the Prime Number  Sequence:

~ Starkidz will learn the Sacred Geometry of Triangles,
Tetrahedrons, Cubes, Star of Davids, Pentagons,

Uni-Cursal Hexagrams and Fractality and much more.

~This New Millennium Maths is the emerging
Curriculum for the Earthheart School or
Sacred Geometry Miniversity.

~ Certificate Accredited Courses each School Term.

~ Send $180 (6x$25 + $30 includes worksheets) to:

Jain 108 Mathemagics  Bsb 032573: Acc: 308770
All 6 classes must be paid for in advance by the 1st October
(this is the Early Bird date) otherwise individual classes are $30 each.

All Welcome, $25 per 1.5 hour class.

Limited spaces available due to contents being filmed.
All Inquiries for Term 4, 2015,
call Jain 108 on 0266844409 or 0423583886

For all classes, please arrive 10 minutes early

ie: Arrive at 3.20pm for a 3.30pm Start

Classes After-School include:

Mathemagics  For StarKidz
 (5 to 8 years old)

Starts Tuesday 6th October, 2015.  Finishes 10th Nov
3.30pm to 5.00pm.  Limit to 15 students.

  6 Tuesdays in Oct-Nov. One Parent must be present.

Mathemagics For Juniors (9 to 12 years old)

Subject: The ART OF NUMBER.
(NEW LESSON, has not been taught so far)

Starts Wednesday 7th Oct, 2015.    Finishes 11th Nov

3.30pm to 5.00pm.  Limit to 20 students.
6 Wednesdays in Oct-Nov.  No Parents.

Mathemagics For Keen Teens + Adults
 (13 to 19 years old + Adults)

Subject: The ART OF NUMBER.
(NEW LESSON, has not been taught so far)

Starts Thursday 8th Oct, 2015.    Finishes 12th Nov

3.30pm to 5.00pm.  Limit to 20 students.
6 Thursdays in Oct-Nov.  No Parents.

* Worksheets for all classes are supplied.

Certificates are given to all students who complete this 6 week course.


The Living Yoga Sanga, 1st floor, 63 Stuart st, above Mullum Mac in Mullumbimby, 2482, Far North NSW. inland of Byron Bay.



Bookings are essential.  $25 per class. A commitment to these 6 classes involves a payment of 6 x $25  + $30 for the Worksheets  or Workbook

= $180 and all 6 classes must be paid in advance.

Earlybird Registrations = $180 before the 1st October.
(Bookings after this date will be $30 per class, total of 6x$30 + $30 worksheets = $210).

Book Now to Reserve Your Spot.
You can make payment directly into Jain’s cheque account:
Jain 108 Mathemagics:     bsb: 032573   acc: 308770  
(When you have a made an electronic payment, can you please contact Jain via email that this has been done).


For every lesson, please bring your own pens, lead pencils, colour pencils, rulers, erasers,  A4 notebook, compass (for teens only, please buy or use good quality metal compasses, not cheap plastic ones).

For more Details,
Contact Jain on 0266844409 or 0423583886
[email protected]