JAIN 108
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International Schools)

To excite all children of the world about the wonder and beauty of Mathematics.

To supplement the existing planetary school mathematics with a higher visual and geometric content.Jain Mathemagics Curriculum supports all school mathematical teachings, and offers this material as an embellishement or supplement to teachers of Government or Private or Independent Schools as extra-curricula or supplementary material, in no way to threaten what is already being taught.

To Teach  and explore Multi-Cultural Mathematicseg: Mental Calculation in India Abacus in China      Electronic Calculator in the western worlds      Quip – knot weaving in Peru, etc.

To improve Mathematical Confidence, strengthen Memory Power and promote the supreme Art of Pattern Recognition.

I see the next generation of children, around the epoch of 2030 AD as Human Bio-Calculators: doing all their basic mathematical calculations mentally, in seconds: eg: 1082 = 108 + 8 / 8 x 8   = 116/64 = 11,664.And by 2050 AD doing the same mental arithmetic at The Speed Of Thought!

To embrace Base 2 and Base 10 as Earth Mathematics and restore Base 9 and Base 12 as Galactic Mathematics.

To establish Jain Mathemagics International Schools in each country of the World, in rural areas and major cities, where Teacher Training courses are run regularly, on the main 4 subjects of: Rapid Mental Calculation (aka Vedic Mathematics), Magic Squares, Divine Phi Proportion and the 5 Platonic Solids.

When any global student leaves school, they can perform Mental Calculation with ease, rather than be reliant on the electronic calculator.

“If we continue to be dependent upon using the electronic calculator, over the next 20 years, the global brain will atrophy…”Jain, 2003.

To be familiar with the Living Mathematics of Nature which includes compulsory learning of the Fibonacci Sequence and how it can be applied in the world.This process is called the “Fibonaccization of the Contemporary Mathematical Curriculum”

To replace A4 size paper with the Golden Mean size (Foolscap) as the International Standard.

To foster a global universal curriculum based on Nature’s Numbers and to remove a lot of the non-sensical algebra that most children do not relate to and will never use, have this replaced by a curriculum that leaves them knowing the Beauty and Internal Symmetry of Numbers.

How to switch on children to be enthusiastic (from the Greek Word “Theo” meaning God, to be infused or filled by God) about Mathematics , rather than shutting down immediately as soon as they hear the very word. To restore Mathematics to its original true meaning of understanding the cosmos and our place in it.

To restore a renewed interest for the great Sacred Geometry Teachers of the past like Pythagoras, Hypatia, Plato, Appollonius etc and to honour and support all recently passed Sacred Gaiaometry teachers like: Buckminster Fuller, Gyorgy Doczy, Bharati Krishna Tirthaji,and current teachers like Bruce Cathie, Dan Winter, Stan Tenen, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Jonathan Quintin, Don Tolman, Shakuntala Devi, Michael Schneider, James Hurtak, Karen MacDonald, Sharula Dux, Michael Lamb, Gabrielle Phillips and Starr Prana, etc.

To publish all books and dvds on JAIN MATHEMAGICS in all major languages of the world so that it is shareable and affordable.

To acquire funding for the creation of


“Jain’s Dictionary of Numbers” and make this available on-line for research and inspiration of Anointed Numbers.

To Teach Mathematics in sacred ceremonies via the medium of theatre, known as “The Theatre Of The Holy Numbers”. This will involve experiential programs where the audience are receiving flashes of the 880 possible permutations of the Magic Square of 4×4 as downloaded pulses into student’s consciousness when illuminated as Laser Light Patterns.

I see a Jain Mathemagics University of Sacred Geometry: an Institute of Higher Learning, where bus loads of children and adults are arriving to spend a well-planned 7 Days of intensive Seminars on ancient, mathematically-based Knowledge. This Mystery School is favourable to public opinion, is an ethical Business, has its infra-structure running on solar power and natural non-polluting energy sources, is fed by pure spring waters and surrounded by tall, stately trees. All Friends-Of-Growth involved, like Accountants, Solicitors, Gardeners, Teacher-Trainers etc are of the highest integrity.

There is an annual International Confluence of Sacred Geometers, Educators and Healers. There are sufficient dwellings, domed and dodecahedral-like dormitories and portable Yurts to house the International Speakers and Guests.

All members involved in the Jain Mathemagics Schools are to maintain their physical, mental and spiriutal health with regular body cleanses, an awareness of raw food diets, exercises and meditation.


(written 8-8-2006)

By 2010

The world will realize that our separated and cultural mathematical curriculae are poor and outdated, and that all countries will collectively seek Mathematical Sustainability And Shareability. A coherent and simple Universal System of Number Lore.

 By 2020

The introduction of The JAIN MATHEMAGICS GLOBAL CURRICULUM seen as the surgical Transformation of Number into Art. Children, who are Visual Beings, finally understand and love Mathematics.
A deeper awareness that Maths is Art, Maths is History, Maths is Physics.

By 2030

The next generation of children will have achieved INTERNAL MATHEMATICS:
Rapid Mental Calculation: doing basic Multiplication, Addition and Division

 By 2040

The re-integration and total installation of the original Base 12 Dodecahedral Galactic Mathematics.
12 inches to the foot, and
144 square inches to the square foot.
The Recrudescence of the Harmonics of Light.

By 2050