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Jain Seminar, 1 Day, Gold Coast, 4th or 5th May 2019

$220.00 AUD

Weekend Seminar with Jain 108 at Carrara, Gold Coast:
Saturday 4th May:
Sunday 5th May: THE TRUE VALUE OF PI 3.144…



Saturday 4th May: the DIVINE PHI PROPORTION and

Sunday 5th May: THE TRUE VALUE OF PI 3.144…

1 free workbook is supplied for the weekend, 120 pages, valued at $40.
Cost Per Day: $220
Attendance to both days: $400
Enquiries to [email protected]

Venue: Emerald Lakes complex, Gold Coast:  78/3030 The Boulevarde, Carrara

To book a one day seminar, click on this link:

To book both days for this weekend seminar, click on this link:

To read a 10 page article on the True Value of Pi, listed on Jain’s website, click on this link:

“It’s so nice to have spirituality verified by numbers…” A. Parker NSW

You will receive this free workbook on the DIVINE PROPORTION:


For more Information go to Jain’s Facebook Page:
visit Jain’s Instagram page: jain.108

In nature, we find patterns, designs and structures from the most minuscule particles, to expressions of life discernible by human eyes, to the greater cosmos. These inevitably follow geometrical archetypes, which reveal to us the nature of each form and its vibrational resonances. They are also symbolic of the underlying metaphysical principle of the inseparable relationship of the part to the whole. It is this principle of oneness underlying all geometry that permeates the architecture of all form in its myriad diversity. This principle of interconnectedness, inseparability and union provides us with a continuous reminder of our relationship to the whole, a blueprint for the mind to the sacred foundation of all things created.
Jain is a leading expert on Sacred Geometry and Vedic Maths, Teacher and author of 30 fascinating books some beautifully hand-written in calligraphy and creator of 10 DVDs, Jain has always been drawn to the spiritual and mystical… he is fascinated by numbers and shapes. The main theme of his life’s work is “The Translation Of Numbers Into Atomic Art”.
Jain is an international lecturer, having taught 3 times in the USA, Amsterdam, Italy, India, Singapore, Malaysia. He is currently teaching seasonally in Singapore where he has set up a school called The Joy Numbers Institute. In between overseas travels he teaches hundreds of children in the Byron Bay area of Australia, a highly visual content of lessons called Mathemagics.
Teaching the Beauty of Numbers, often to dyslexic or special needs children, Jain’s math enrichment classes are highly in demand. In July 2017, Jain was one of the main speakers, with Caroline Myss, at the Chartres Cathedral Wisdom University,
celebrating 1,000 years since the creation of this impressive Gothic masterpiece, the topic being on one of the 7 Liberal Arts known as “Arithmetica”.
Due to popular demand, this year in July 2018 Jain has been invited again to teach “Geometrica”.
To experience Jain is to be in the presence of a true Magical Mathematical Master
During this weekend, In this Keynote / Powerpoint Lecture, Jain will cover the following topics:
• Part 1
– Our 8 Original Cells, The Geometry of our Human Creation
– The Cuboctahedron formed from The 12 Around The 1
• Part 2
The Mathematics Of The Human Body
• Part 3
DNA, Penta-Hexa Molecules and Entheogens
• Part 4
SEED OF LIFE, Hexagons and Snowflakes
Emoto, Grabovoi and Cayce
• Part 5
FRUIT OF LIFE, 13 Circles and Metatron’s Cube
Merkabah and Theraphi Healing
• Part 6
FLOWER OF LIFE, The Blueprint of Creation
• Part 7
VESICA PISCIS, The Mother of All Creation, + PHI VESICA
• Part 8
The PHI HARMONICS of the CIRCLE. “Is Pi 3.141… A Lie?”
JainPi, True Value of Pi = 3.144… (Jain’s Day Workshop)
Jain has over 50 unique ebooks to choose from.
Treat yourself this year and share with your family and friends.  
Some of the topics include:
1. The Art of Number
2. The Divine Proportion
3. Magic Squares
4. Vedic Maths
5. 3- Dimensional Geometry of the 5 Platonic Solids
6- Workbooks for Starkids.


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