Caroline Myss & Jain 108

Hi I am Caroline Myss and I am here with Jain

We are at the Ubiquity University at Chartres

In France, and I have had the privilege to teach with Jain for the first time,
and it wont be the only time, and its been a privilege in several ways.
This man is brilliant. His educational system, his capacity to convey what I call Mystical Mathematics
Sacred Geometry, Sacred Space, reminds of the mathematics about what physicists are saying about dark matter,
and how to find our way in our energy fields. And Jain is a Master of that.
And it is what we need to know in order to, in my world as a Medical Intuitive,
to measure and navigate our energy fields.
So, its about time we met.

And I want to acknowledge you as being the first person to define the new words that define the massive changes
that we are going through, like Bio Ecology, the rise of Theology, and to explain the decline of the patriarchy.
We are at an amazing time. And you mean so much to so many people,
because you are the one that’s explaining to us,
how to be real, how to not become slaves.

Well, if I can convey my vision of Bio-Ecology as the New Theology I will have not lived in vain,
let me put it out that way.

That’s going out through the world now.
Thank You.

You are welcome.


19-1-2016 -USA

Thanks so much brother!!! I look forward to any new work you make available!
I want to own my own school someday. I need a mentor and I KNOW you are the PERFECT one to follow!
I pray that my prayers will someday be answered.


27-8-2006 -Canada

My request is to pass a mesage along to Jain. I was listening to his broadcast with Liz Millar last night (on heard by over 2 million people!) and he asked anyone to respond as to whether or not the listeners benefitted from the audio without the visual and I want to tell him absolutely!!

I could see the pictures in my head very clearly and his words rang through strongly so that I understood exactly the formula he described as he did so throughout the program.

Thank-you to Jain for confirming the pictures and intuitive sense about numbers and math. i always new there was a spiritual mathematics and now I know where to look to study. tears to my eyes, sincerely,

Brooklyn. No need to respond I just want Jain to know because he asked.


29-6-2006 -USA

Jain, I just wanted to thank you for sharing this information with the rest of us. I have always sensed there is much greater mystery out there –and in the States we are told basically that what we see is all there is –I have craved this information for so long –especially connecting this math to the spiritual.

Thank you so much.


21-6-2006 -USA

Hello Jain

A friend turned me on to your work which resonated strongly with me. I have been studying and teaching constructive geometry for 28 years. For almost 25 years I have been studying the basic 4-D structures and now have physical models of all except the 600-cell and recently used the amazing construction set Zome Tool to build a 3-D representation of the 5-cube, its 5 bounding 4-cubes and its 10 shared 3-cubes. I even came up with a double {5,2} represesentation of these interrelations. I have not yet had the time to investigate to my satisfaction your Website, but it seems to be the most exciting one I’ve seen since I discovered Mathworld.

I look forward to your e-mails and to doing a more through investigation of this site.


21-6-2006 -Far North Queensland-australia

Dear Jain,

You visited me here in Malanda with Grace Chapman a few years ago and since then, you have sent me your emails and newsletters. I just wish to thank you for all the wonderful information and congratulate you on making the mathematics completely understandable.

I hope your way of approaching Maths continues to grow pratronage from all corners of the world.

With regards and smiles.


21-6-2006 -France

(regarding a 3 part Newsletter called: LOST SECRETS OF THE PHI CODE)

Your are a genious !

Please keeps our adress, we are about to buy a ground to build a big spiritual center, in the tremendous splendid south country, with all management to stay on place,where you will be very welcome …

Thank You !


6-6-06 -Byron Bay area, NSW, Australia
(regarding a free 2 hour Introductory lecture on Vedic Mathematics for Teenagers, Juniors and Adults)

Hi Jain, I thought your talk last Tuesday evening was a highlight and was so interesting and I related very well to it. None of it sounded strange , suddenly lots of things started to fall into place and I fully realised that all the terror and humilation of my school days maths where I made to feel stupid, I finally realised If I had been taught your way wow my life what a difference. I’m very interested for myself and my 11 year daughter to learn more . Couldn’t do this Tuesday but please keep me informed and where do you suggest we could start as far as you products. Do you recommend DVD, or books, or join the dots I’m not sure where to begin. I fully admired you expressing and sharing so much of your life and thoughts with us, I really felt a hunger to hear more, pity you had to rush through, however it sure was enjoyable. My daughter commented that she liked your talk the best. WE got hooked on the magic square too.

Thank you once again

Kindest Regards

Gabbi and Angel


13-04-06 -USA

Hi Jain

Thank you very much. I have received the book and tape. I can’t wait to read and watch the tape. I also want to thank you for the card along with the Universal Prayer. That was beautiful! I also could not believe the flyer you sent that said “Dyslexic” children are geniuses,because now I can see that there was never anything wrong with me in learning math when I was young.I just was not taught in the way I think.The Ancient Knowledge you helped uncover sheds light on why I find your work so fascinating–I can just see it.Thank you so much and I am sure I will be in contact with you again soon.I will support you any way I can. Love and Peace and Freedom.


8-4-2006 -Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA

Hello Jain

I was first introduced to your work from the Nexus Magazine. Recently I came across your site again and I LOVE IT. What a treasure you are giving to the world.

I am giving your website to some of my parents to hopefully purchase your materials so that their children can have a better start in life. I wish I had this in my younger years….but never too late.

My interest is mathematics,( although I am no genius), sacred geometry, music, sacred solfeggio, Jonathon Goldman’s work, etc..

I am a chiropractor that truly appreciates geometry and what you have to offer. We shall be adding a link from our site to yours. Our site is If you want to submit articles we accept them also. We are developing it weekly and it is a dynamic website.

Keep up the good work.


27-1-2006 -Blue Mountains, NSW


I can’t believe how prolific you are!

PETER REYNOLDS referring to DILLON (aged 12)

16-5-2004 -Cairns -Far North Quneensland,

Hi Ron (Father of Dillon),

My name is Peter, for the past 4 months I have dedicated a large part of my time promoting Jain to get his work out to a wider audience. I understand that you and your son have had some personal experience with his work.

I hope you don’t mind, Jain forwarded the letter you sent regarding Dillon… thank you for that. Jain told me that you and Dillon attended one of his workshops and that Dillon could instantly give the answers to large multiplications like 98 x 97 or 102 x 103 .

Your letter implies that Dillon is slightly slow or autistic? but actually he excelled in the class on vedic math’s and amazed everyone.

You mentioned that Mathematics, as taught by the curriculum, is a closed book for Dillon and he has developed an aversion to the subject to the point that he has not been able to memorise tables at any level. Obviously Vedic Mathematics as taught by Jain, is easily within Dillon’s grasp and perhaps this would be true for other children with similar problems. In your letter to Jain you don’t mention this breakthrough.

So that we can further explore possibilities to assist children with special needs, I wondered if you would pen a testimonial for Jain which details your experience at the workshop. Please include the emotional guts of the situation and relate how you felt when your son beat all the adults in multiplications.

We know this ancient knowledge has many applications in today’s world. Most children are visual… and have the ability to tap into ‘Pattern Recognition’ which is the key to rapid mental calculation. Relying on calculators has already caused children to stop using their brains for any form of calculation. Please assist us with a testimonial which we can use to promote the benefits of Vedic Mathematics for children everywhere.

Thank you from Peter Reynolds acting manager for Jain MatheMagics


7-5-2004 -victoria

(regarding his attendance to a Jain 4 day Mystery School in Victoria)

Hello Jain,

I’m forwarding this email to you to say a big THANKYOU!! The four day workshop was definitely inspiring, insightful & transforming for me, my only wish was that the duration of the workshop was longer. Some of the subjects you spoke about, I’m lying now, I should say ALL of the subjects were so interesting & I could of easily spend days on learning one subject. Also it would of been nice to get to know you better, I didn’t get a chance to talk to you a great deal. I say transforming because, I look at things through different eyes now, the possibilities are infinite. I don’t know why, I feel like there is an empty void inside of me wanting to consume all this information for an unknown reason. Especially when you mentioned that water follows bliss, happiness & where children play, that really resonated with me. Another time when you mentioned that the mind/brain works in a ‘X’ formation, I had visions & when they settled things were so clear. I wanted to tell you but there was always someone talking to you. With one of the visions I strongly feel there is an infinity symbol circuit, but to complete it we need to fully integrate both left & right hemispheres of the brain. Left eye to right hemisphere to left hemisphere to right eye back to left eye & so on, eyes see in unison & the brain naturally should work in unison too….I beleive. Jain do you have any thoughts on that? I’m glad I could tell you that, I normally bottle things inside & decided that from now on to share………..& thats one of the keys…………not the missing key 🙂


29 6-2004 -Arlington, MA, USA

Hi Jain,

Thanks… great stuff.

It was a great pleasure to speak with you today (early morning for me and evening for you). I feel that I have stumbled through a gate to a new world and way of thinking with my personal discovery of Vedic Mathematics, magic squares and your illuminating process of connecting translating what seems to be abstract mathematics in artistic representation (all of this in the last 24 hours).

Seeing the 3×3 magic square tiled 81 times and realizing that there are many levels of pattern activity taking place is truly blowing my mind wide open. I look forward to reading your material and delving into the realm of Vedic Mathematics. Thank you for your work – it has made a huge impact on me.


12-4-2004 -Melbourne

Your early books have really opened my mind, and am now addicted to magic squares and cubes and the likes and since early 90’s reading your book(s) have gone off doing, learning my own research into sacred geometry, squares and the likes.

For this I am eternally thankful.

Hope this is of use.


18-2-2004 -Buderim, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Sri Jain 108,

Sunday was so exciting, my mind is still in ecstasy.

The revelation you received for the recursive Phi pattern is at once so staggering, yet excitingly familiar. It’s strange to be witnessing the miraculous from this dense state in the third dimension.

My physical perception actually shifted – driving home on Sunday evening I did not recognise the road – I noticed that I was “seeing” through my left eye in quite a different way, and the landscape was new for me.

The potential of your rediscovery leaves me breathless.

Thank you for bringing the joy of this pure science into our lives.



Name – Zachery Schmitz

Business Name – Truth Radio Live

State – TX

Country – USA

Email Address – [email protected]

Urgency – High

I have been awakened by a higher force. it has synthesized with my conciousness and now i comprehend beyond human understanding. the things you speak of are what i teach people from this new understanding. i just found you. i must meet you. we must unite our knowledge. synchronicity brought me to find you, now your reaction shall shape the future. help me understand how to better save the world.


Feb 2011 London

Hi Jain 108,

I am writing to you with much appreciation and gratitude for the DVD’s I received yesterday…and particularly thankful for the beautiful card you included…and the effort taken to make it for me.

Thank you for your kind approach to humanity and this very important subject of crystal based mathematics…as I refer to it ;-))…

Thanks you for being YOURSELF so completely and totally…

Thank you for resonating into consciousness your wonderful excitement for knowledge and the sharing thereof…

Thank you for so kindly resolving my order and leaving me with the profound feeling of interacting with beings filled with integrity and love…

I truly appreciate your effort and time taken to bring this subject in the Light of Awareness.

As I progress I will let you know and perhaps one day you will be doing some work in South Africa which I am sure will be well received. Especially the education system of South Africa can do with any and all assistance to improve it…and the populace of Africa still recognises the ‘mother’…still appreciates the ‘earthly’ elements and has the ability to still learn from yourself and others like you/me. So shocking it can be when the cups of people are full with no capacity available for new knowledge.

Have a wonderful day and much blessings and gratitude upon you my friend. And I call you a ‘friend’…because I feel you close, hold you close and sense you as family…perhaps from ‘long’ ago in our current time interpretations, yet just a smile away in truth.


Chris Claassen

System Integrator

Nedbank Capital

Aleri, Wallstreet London